The Dead Man

-You’re late.

-Sorry, Jake. He put up a fight.

-A fight? He was supposed to be drugged.

-He was. I think he was, but he was fucking impossible to kill. We had to strangle him for ages.

-Well, get him in there and let’s get going… Wait… That’s not.. That not him, you morons!

-What do you mean it’s not him? It has to be! He was the only one there!

Ted and Jeremy dropped the body on the ground.

-I know his fucking face! That’s not Byron, I tell you.

-Now what the hell do we do? Ted scratched his head.

-Well, we still have a body to get rid of. Jeremy pulled the dead body’s leg.


-What was that?

-He made a sound, Jake said and poked him with his shovel.


-He’s alive, goddamnit! Can’t you stupid fuckers do anything right? You were supposed to do one little simple thing, bring him here dead, and you come with the wrong guy, and he’s fucking alive! How stupid can you be?

-He’s not fucking alive, asshole, and you better be careful who you… Ted took a threatening step closer.

Jake slapped him in the face with the shovel. Ted fell on the ground, stayed there with his face in the grass.

Jeremy grabbed the shovel, pulled it. Swung Jake off his feet. He fell on top of him, punched him in the face.

-You fucking lunatic! Take that! And that!

Jake’s eyes widened, looking over Jeremy’s shoulder. Jeremy turned his head. Weight came down on him.


The dead man sunk his teeth into the back of his head. Jeremy screamed. A chunk of skull and brains came off. He fell aside.

The dead man grabbed Jake’s face. Opened his mouth wide, pulled his teeth towards his forehead. Jake put his hand on his nose, pushed him off. Kicked him into the grave.

He got up on his feet. Looked around for the shovel. Ted was awake. He held the shovel lifted for strike.

-Fuck you, you piece of shit…

-No! Wait! Byron is…

The blow felt like en explosion in Jake’s face. A strong light flashed in his eyes. He left the ground, fell into the dead man’s grave.

Ted staggered a bit. His head hurt. On the ground lay Jeremy.

Jake screamed from the grave.

-Help me! Get me out of here! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

-Jeremy! Jeremy, are you OK?

Jeremy didn’t answer. He turned him around. He had a hole in the back of his head.

-What the…

A hand grabbed the edge of the grave.

-Stay down, Jake! I’m warning you… Ted kept staring at Jeremy’s head in disbelief. -What the fuck did you do to…

The dead man got up on his feet.

-Aren’t you supposed to be fucking dead? Ted got up, took a step back.


Ted hit him in the head with the shovel. He staggered, stopped. Kept walking.

Ted hit him again. And again. Byron fell, grabbed his leg. Ted tried to jump away, but he stmbled, fell over Jeremy’s body. The zombie came crawling towards him. Ted hit him in the head over and over again. chunks of brains and bones flew off. It kept grabbing his legs as it dragged its body towards him

Ted hit and hit till there was nothing but a empty cup left of its head. It stopped moving.

Ted screamed, lay back, catching his breath. His heart was beating like an engine.

-Damn, what was that?

Something moved underneath him.

Jeremy…? He tried to turn to look. Strong hands held him down from behind. Jake came crawling up from the hole, over the grass.

Jeremy’s teeth sunk into Ted’s head.



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