A Reason to Exist


-We’re freaks living in a meaningless world! There’s nowhere to go, you fools! Monster shouted. -There is no more to find, no more to see!

-There has to be! We neeeeeeed it to be! There has to be something more than this, something that makes sense!

Nose sat there, chewing on the grass he ate yesterday. He had heard this conversation many times before, and it was getting more and more absurd. After a while he said: -I think it does make sense, really. The grass, the rocks. I think it’s all pretty meaningful.

-We need something to give the grass meaning! If not, there’s no meaning at all!

-Exactly! Monster said, frustrated. -There is none. Cope with it.

Nose kept chewing.

-Don’t say that! Littlecreatures started walking off, climbed up on Monster’s spined tentacles.Β 

-You see? There’s nothing there!

Littlecreatures looked out beyond their little world. All they could see was more rocks and grass, more little flowers. -There has to be, one of them said sadly.

-There has to be, there has to be, the two others chanted in despair.

Nose swallowed his grass again. It felt good. Feeling good made sense enough to him.




  1. Great story! Just what I needed this morning. And if you can feel GOOD, and live with the mystery, and witness the Universe…that IS the meaning of it all. Or so I keep telling myself! This story…a good reminder!

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  2. Meaning is a human construct which would not exist without us. Meaning… There is no ultimate meaning, only that which we personally contrive… Or not.

    Why always monsters?

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    1. For the same reason we are here and the universe exists… πŸ˜€ I agree, meaning isn’t really interesting beyond ourselves, but then again, life may have a lot of meaning if you know how to live. I find the concept of “deeper meaning” rather unnecessary. Being happy, having fun, knowledge, creativity and so many other things are more than meaningful enough. Life’s good when it’s good, and when not, well, it sucks πŸ˜€

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  3. A vivid pairing of illustration and story… this felt like a conversation of Sartre with some others. A thumbs up to Nose, who has a good attitude.

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