Black Death

He ran thought the forest, black like a tomb. He stumbled and fell. The village had been empty, dead bodies lying around. The plague had wiped it clean.

He got out of there, as fast as he could. Death was hanging in the air, lurking in the ground. It always does when the sickness had passed by. Evil forces stayed around.

He came out into an opening.

The ground felt moist, almost wet, giving in when he stepped. Something came flowing up from the dirt. Like smoke, yet solid. Darker than the darkness itself.

It rose up beside him, around him. He looked up towards the starless sky. They towered and came down on him.

It wasn’t how he had expected it at all.


    1. Thanks Chris! I was a bit unsure about the setting, with the pandemic going on and all, but decided to avoid self-censorship as much as I can… Nothing makes a good dark backdrop like a plague, after all. Besides, it’s always good to be reminded things can always be worse 😀

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      1. I agree with you. What comes out, comes out, and this is a reflection of the times. I’d promised myself weeks ago that I would try to steer clear of the topic, but I’ve broken my resolve from time to time. How can a writer not?

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