Army of Giants

Rock block giants fictionspawn Aak

They had been jumping and climbing from rock to rock for days. It had been hard, but they were finally there. They had found it. The Pyramid ofΒ  the Gods, where absolute truth reside.

They got up from on the next block, all three of them. Rick untied the rope for the next pass, while Marshall and John stood watching their goal in front.

“I told you, nothing is unreachable!” Marshal grinned.

“We still have some blocks to climb, though,” John replied catching breath.

“Always so negative,” Marshal laughed. “We’re already…”

One of the blocks moved in a distance. It rose. Two red eyes shone towards them. A stone giant of cubic shapes, just like the blocks around them. Like the one underneath them. Another stood up. Then another. And another.

“We got to get away from here…”

Two red eyes lit on the rock in front. The ground under their feet trembled.

“Hold on!”

They clung to moss and cracks as the giant stood up tall as a building. Thousands of others rose around them.

The giants moved. Slowly the three men were walked back to where they came from, far away from their goal. One by one they all crouched down and froze like nothing had happened.

The three men were once again standing on the edge of the sea of block shaped rocks, reaching out in front of them as far as the eye could see.

“Our quest has come to its end, it seems…” Rick stared towards the horizon. The Pyramid lay somewhere beyond it, far, far away.

“So close, yet so far.” John’s voice broke. Years of work and preparations, all lost.

“So the myths were right.” Marshal lowered his head. “It can never be reached.”


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