Relative Truths


-We give you this blood for strength! May your soul become one with ours, and lead us into world dominance!

-Aaaaahhh! Let me go! Please, let me go!

The strops were too strong, there was no way they would break. Even if they did, Gilbert wouldn’t be able to get passed all these people surrounding him.

He should have known. She had always been crazy, believing anything anyone told her.

-Everything depend on your point of view! She used to say.

-The truth is what you make it!

They had split up, he just couldn’t take any more absurd fights.

He missed her. He missed her so much he couldn’t live without her. He missed her touch, her kisses, her soothing voice when she was happy. The sex. Oh, my God, the sex had been fantastic.

He heard about her, he heard she had started hanging out with some weird people out in a farm outside of town. He’d been worried.

So when she wrote him the letter, he really wanted to give it another try.

He walked down the path she had been told him she’d be waiting. Meeting up in the forest, he liked that. He knew she got naughty when they were in the forest, and had big expectations for what waited.

There she was, just in front of him. -Hi Gilbert, she said with a soft voice.

He was happy to see her. They kissed.

-Come, come with me! She said, pulling him along.

-Where are we going?

-Somewhere special. Trust me!

He followed her trough some bushes. She usually didn’t pull him this far away from people, though. She liked the excitement, the danger of being caught.

-Where are we going, Jessica? he asked again.

-Ssssh! Look! There was a ancient stone gate in front of them, stairs down under the ground.

They got inside, walked down the stairs. He couldn’t wait any more. He grabbed her, kissed her, pushed her up against the wall. She kissed him back, touched him. Pulled away and ran down the hall.

-Come on! She said. -We’re losing time!

He followed her down into the darkness. He couldn’t see her any more.

-Jessica? Are you there? He walked on. He could see light in a distance. Maybe she was waiting naked down there, in the light of some candles. He walked faster.

She was standing in the opening, still fully dressed.

-Jessica, I… he stopped.

There were people behind her. People dressed in strange clothes. A lot of them.

-W-what is this?

-You’ll soon understand, my love. She had the same crazy look in her eyes as the day he left her. -Soon you will see so much clearer. You’re way too corrupted, baby. We must end the life you’re living and start over. A new life, in eternal happiness and enlightenment!

He took a step back. Turned to run. The way back was blocked by other people. With fast steps and shaking hands he walked into the crowd, tried to push through.

-Hey! Let me go!

The figures didn’t move. Hands grabbed him from all sides. He fought. They were too many.ย 

Help! Help me! Jessica, please... He could no longer see her. She was one with the crowd.

They strapped him to an altar while he was screaming for his life. A man came out with a huge knife carved with symbols. Held it above him, chanting in a strange language. They all were.

Crazy bitch. He had trusted her again.

He knew now he would never learn.


Hot Chocolate


  1. I would have trusted her with the allure of great sex. Yeah, I never learn. I’ve “learned’ this lesson over and over, but I continue to fall for it. Take the bait. Let my other head do the thinking. Because it’s soooo goood. But your guy will never, ever, ever get another chance!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks. I would like to have had a bit more time on this one, it came out later than my usual posts, so I just had to press publish. It’s my daughter’s second birthday today, so things were quite busy. She got amongst other things a handmade picture book about a little monster looking for his dog, which was finished quite late into her big day.
      Happy you liked the story!

      Liked by 2 people

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