Experimental Chemistry


Dirk had been sitting in the jar for days. He was hungry and thirsty, and there was no one around. He had no idea where he was or how he had gotten there. The last thing he remembered was eating some strawberries in the forest. Then he had gotten sleepy.

The door opened. A giant figure came in, long and thin, dark and grey. It looked at him and smiled an evil grin. This monster did not have good intentions.

Dirk got up on his feet. Maybe, if he was lucky, he could find some way to escape this horror, some moment when his keeper would look the other way. If he could only get out of the jar, he could make a run for it.

His abductor looked around the room. He found a test tube, poured some transparent liquid into it. He searched some more, swearing in some strange language. Lifting books, moving glasses and bottles.

He found what he was looking for, a little bottle. Opened it, poured it into the tube. Smoke emerged. The liquid in the test tube changed to a green, fluorescent colour.

The chemist laughed. He took a deep smell of the smoke. Dirk could see a flash of madness in his eyes, a triumph he didn’t like at all.

He walked over to the jar where Dirk was sitting, picked it up. Held it in front of his face, studying the little creature inside. Laughed a wicked laugh. The tube bubbled and boiled as it was held up over the jar. His heart was beating like an engine.

He kept his eyes on the green liquid coming closer and closer to the edge until it spilled over, fell down into the jar.

It reached the glass floor beside him, drops splashing on his legs. It felt funny, like it was tickling. At first. Then it started itching. Stinging. Burning.

Dirk Screamed. The Giant laughed. Poured in more. Green smoke filled the air between the glass walls. Dirk coughed, tried to climb the walls. They were too smooth, and he fell over. The green fluid covered his head.

He was floating in the air. Around him trees were growing, animals eating. He felt weak. Then stronger. Something was pushing against him from all sides, like he was trapped. Then he remembered. He was.

Glass broke. He woke up, blinked several times. A blurry room could be seen around him. It was getting smaller. Everything was. The chemist ran out of the door.

Other walls pushing. Breaking. His abductor ran through a garden. He was small now. Very small. Dirk grabbed him with two fingers, lifted him up.

-Nooo! Please, let me go! the evil scientist screamed. His voice sounded different to Dirk now. Squeaky, like the voice of a mouse.

The irony of the situation made Dirk laugh hard. Still hungry, he lifted the scientist over his mouth, let him dangle for some moments. He let go, closed his mouth. Chewed. It tasted strange, bitter, like some kind of pant. He swallowed.

He could see far away. Mountains he never knew existed. Lakes, one of them seemed to never end. He could see the big tree where his house was. It looked close from up here. Then the mountains in the horizon seemed to be going further away, the little trees around him to be growing bigger.

He was back to his normal size.

-Wow, what a ride! he exclaimed. He wasn’t hungry any more, on the contrary. He felt good. He started the long walk home. Too bad he hadn’t stayed big just a little while longer.


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  1. As a chemical engineer, I will say that one of the scariest things about chemistry is that most things are clear liquids being mixed in clear liquids to become clear liquids, and far too many people don’t label what poison is going on inside those clear liquids.

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