Minverd – Ages of Raging Madness – Burning Flesh


Darkness. Blood so fresh, burning flesh. A shadow in front of the fire. Evil, monstrous. Death.

Tears pressed behind Dalk’s eyes. The madness was threatening to take over. 

The shadow moved. Fast. Dalk charged an attack into the darkness. It was  there, over him. Claws sunk into his face, his chest. Searching for his heart. His mind. He felt himself fade. His life essence diminish. His sanity disappear

A force awakened somewhere within. An unnown strength, saved for this moment. Survival. He spun around, blindly. His sword met resistance. Cut through skin and bone.

A smoking head landed on the ground further away. Dalk fell to his knees. Bodies scattered in the flickering light from the fire.

He had come too late.


This is a sketch I made for a little one page story. It might be the beginning on a new series based on my old fantasy world, which is still meant to spawn a (or even several) graphic novel(s) some day. I started planning this world in my mid teens, but it’s been on old at least since this blog were started. I’m kind of hoping this new series will breath life into it again.

This one, however, will for now be based on short independent stories in a time long before the originally planned story: The Ages of Madness. The planned later stories take place in a time further into the future, when the madness has calmed down but still lies under the surface. I’ve made a flash fiction piece to accompany it. This is a flash fiction blog, after all.

I got the idea for this one while watching the the amazing animation series Primal by Genndy Tartakovsky on HBO. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoy monster stories. An impressive story about a friendship between a man and a dinosaur in an extremely hostile world. The animations are as simple as they are spectacular.


Flight in Darkness (Minverd – The Rebellion)


    1. Thanks! The stories will probably be like the others on this blog, independent with different characters… for now. We’ll see if some characters will be repeated or not. Be sure to check out the link to the mentioned animation, and watch it if you have the chance. I’m sure you’d love it.

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      1. I would love to, in fact it’s the first thing I checked after reading this post, but sadly it’s something that’s not available in my country. Hopefully one day it will be though! 😊

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