Streets of London

Jack walked through the streets only accompanied by the darkness of the night, the lights from the lampposts. He knew it was dangerous, but he hadn’t slept for days. Lying awake in the darkness listening to the rats was driving him mad.

He heard something. Steps around the corner. Strange, at this time of the night. Slow footsteps coming towards him. Too slow. Too heavy.

He stopped. So did the steps.

“Maybe I’ll go back…” He didn’t finish the thought. A giant head leant out from behind the wall. A horrible face, twisted, broken. In pain. A monster, tall as a building. Its skin was pale, dead.

Jack stood frozen. The two figures watched each other. A nightly meeting of two lost souls, two outcasts of a city where they both were doomed to live their lives.

A scream emerged from Jacks darkest fears. The monster pulled its head back, held its arms up to its face. Heavy footsteps went running down the same way they had come and disappeared.

Jack didn’t get much sleep that night either.



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