Late for Work

Mildred was late for work again. He ran down the escalator stairs, down the tunnel. Rounding a corner a woman bumped into him at high speed, knocked him over. 

-Hey, what the…

-Run! Get out of here! she screamed and kept running.

He turned around. A monster came crawling up the tunnel towards him. It moved like a pulp, hissing, gurgling. He started crawling backwards, trying to get away. A tentacle came shooting out towards him. He held an arm up to protect himself.

Claws sunk into his flesh, pulled him up in the air. A hideous fanged mouth closed around him.

Jessica kept running up towards the exit. She could hear the screams of the man she knocked over. The sound of the monster continuing its hunt. She reached the top of the stairs, ran out into the street above.

-Get away, there’s a monster!

People looked at her. Some laughed, others shook their heads. She ran through the crowd. people moving away as if they were afraid… of her. She jumped through a closing bus door, fell in on the floor.

Behind them the monster reached the surface. No one laughed any more.

Deep Underneath


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