A ghost in a house Aak fictionspawn

No one ever went close to the old house on top of the hill. The last family who lived there had fled after two days. Others before them had not been so lucky.

Now a car was driving up the driveway. Two children came out from the back seat. The driver helped their mother inside with some boxes and suitcases.

Thank you, the mother said as he went back to the car. -Children! Let’s go inside, it’s time for our first meal in our new house!

Yaaay! The two little children came running up towards the front door.

A shadow was watching from the window. Once again they had invaded his home, once again he would have to defend his property. Just because he was dead, they thought they could come and take what was his.

They would regret this.

That night he heard the children giggling in the next room, playing with their toys.  Further down he saw their mother go into the bathroom. He’d better get started before they got too comfortable. He moved down the hall, flew through the wall.

She was standing in front of the mirror were he came out. Her dark, curly hair hung down to her slim shoulders. Intense eyes, full lips. A beautiful little nose.

She let her robe fall to the floor.

He decided he might just let them stay. He had been living alone for a long time, after all.


The Legend of Jimmy Handplant (Audio story)

Ghost Train


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