From the Deep – The Sailboat

Tentacles attacking a sailboat Aak fictionspawn

Cong stared over Mike’s shoulder. Mike turned slowly around. A tentacle rose up beside the boat, another took a grip on the fence.

Alaaaaaarrrm!!! Cong screamed. Huang, the last of the crew came running up on deck, pulling his pants up. He stopped. Mike was pulled out into the water right in front of him. He disappear in the waves.

Cong grabbed a machete from the table, charged. He cut one of the monstrous arms.

Grab something! He screamed to Huang. Fight!

Huang grabbed an oar, went running towards another arm. Something grabbed the oar, pulled it out of his hand. A huge eye were staring at him from the strip. He turned, ran to the other side. Dived into the sea in panic.

As he swam, he could hear his captain’s death screams. He swam as he’d never swam before. He swam until he couldn’t swim any more.

He turned around. The boat lay silently, dipping in the small waves. The monster could not be seen. Something touched his foot. A strong grip tightened around his ankle, pulled him down into the darkness of the sea.


    1. Maybe it was… I realized after publishing that I had another story with the same name published before… with the same kind of monster (which you already read, if I’m not mistaken). Either I’m getting senile, or I’ve just written too many flashes the last couple of years. It kind of became an involuntary part of a series 😀

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