The Weather Maker

Bottles of weather Aak fictionspawn

Tapping his fingers on the table, he looked at the little bottles in front of him. Eeny meeny miny moe… he stopped at the biggest one. He grabbed it, walked over to the window. Watched the blue sky for a moment, took a deep breath of fresh summer air. The little tap was put tight, he had to struggle for a little while to get it off.

Dark clouds came flowing out of the bottle, up towards the skies. They grew. The sky darkened. Hell broke out.

He closed the window as big raindrops came falling in on his floor, went back to his desk.  The flashes and thunder roars ravished outside, a symphony noise and electricity. He still had a little tornado for tomorrow. Later he would have to mix something new.


    1. Haha! That would be something, wouldn’t it. On the other hand, there already is technology to make rain fall. The problem is, it won’t fall on your neighbours if it falls on you… Quite provocative stuff. Thanks, James!

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