Not Spoiled by Water – Play by the Lake

A boy by the lake. Fishing rod.

This story is connected to my earlier post Not Spoiled by Water – The Supper, and part of an ongoing horror series. They can be read individually.


Gunnhild couldn’t find her little boy anywhere. She went up to the old tree, he sometimes liked to play up there. She couldn’t find him. She walked down the path towards the firewood shelter. Her father was there.

-Have you seen Peder? She asked.

-No I haven’t. Maybe he’s down by the lake?

The lake. She looked over her shoulder in a fast movement.

“Be careful down by the lake, little Peder. Something might just push you under.” Her brother’s words were lingering in her mind as she ran. He hadn’t meant for her to hear it.


Little Peder wasn’t allowed to go down to the lake alone, but he liked it there, away from his uncle. Uncle Hans didn’t like him.

The cold water felt good on his feet, and he enjoyed looking at the small fishes swimming around them. If he didn’t move, they even touched him, like little kisses. It tickled.

-Hello, Peder! He turned his head fast. Uncle Hans had a fishing rod in his hand. Peder had never seen him fishing.


Gunnhild came out of forest, catching her breath. Her brother was sitting on his knees by the bank.

-Hans? Have you seen Peder?

As she came closer, she saw he had his hands in the water. He was holding something. She walked faster.

-Hans! What are you doing?

He looked at her and smiled. He didn’t smile much.

-What are you doing!? She screamed, ran towards him. He pushed something out, got slowly up on his feet.

-Noooo!!! She ran for the little boy floating face down in the lake. Hans grabbed her.

-Let me go! Let me goooo!! She was hitting him, fighting to get loose, to save her little boy. Screaming, crying.

Hans pushed her down, held her to the ground. He was too strong. Her soul was ripped to pieces as all hope of saving her child faded away in the water by their side.




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    1. Thanks! This started out with the idea for The Supper, and the background work led me into a sinister story around this family. The idea is to write several shorter stories making up the puzzle pieces for the big picture, a bit like the one about the Reichardt Family a time back. We’ll see how it goes, more will come next week 😉


  1. the alarm bells went off when we find that Uncle Hans had a fishing rod in his hands though he was never seen to have fished. An effective tale though I reckon it could have ended more effectively if you implied rather than showed his mum’s ending. I know it goes against what we are told but sometimes implication is the stronger path

    Liked by 1 person

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