Not Spoiled by Water – The Supper

Family supper in darkness Aak fictionspawn

-Who’s Peder?

Silence. Mari’s mother looked down at her plate. Her uncle Hans had a strange smile on his face. He didn’t smile much.

-Where did you hear that name? Her grandmother’s voice was shaking. Mari wasn’t sure if it was anger or fear. Maybe it was both, or something else. She didn’t answer.

-I said, where did you hear that name?

-I didn’t hear it, Mari said. I found a drawing…

Another long silence. No one said anything. Her grandma looking at straight at her. Her mouth opened. Closed. Opened again.

-He was your brother, Uncle Hans said -He died.

-It was an accident, my child. Grandma looked over at Mari’s mum -It happened less than a year before you were born. He was playing down by the…

Her mother grabbed her plate, abruptly. Her glass fell over. She got up from her chair.

-Gunnhild… Grandma said, but she was already in the kitchen. Water was dripping down on the floor. Uncle Hans started laughing. Mari had never heard him laugh before. She didn’t like his laughter at all.

Her grandmother started cleaning up the table. Supper was over.

Mari went to bed early that night, but she lay awake a long time. She hardly slept at all.

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