The Big Hatch


A planet cracks open. Aak fictionspawn

Monson! Look a this!

Monson walked over to the screen connected to the main telescope. An image of Venus was showing.

-It’s Venus. What about it?

-Look! Carl changed the image to the temperature visuals, zoomed a bit in.

-That’s strange… Monson zoomed in a bit more. There seemed to be new volcanic activity all over the northern hemisphere.

-Keep an eye on it. I’ll go… The phone called. Monson picked it up. -Aha. Really? On Mars too? That is truly strange, we’re just watching the same phenomenon on Venus. Thanks, we’ll keep an eye on it all.

Carl was already watching Mars. In another image he had Mercury. -There seems to be strange things happening all over the solar system.

-Zoom in on Venus again! It’s changing!

A huge crack of fire was opening, crossing the planets surface.

-I can’t believe this. It’s breaking open!

-Zoom in on the hole!

Carl did as he said. There was something moving in there. A beak appeared in the opening. An eye. A head could be seen peeking out into space. A birdlike monster came crawling out, big as a planet, feathers with fire. It lasted for hours. The scientists didn’t move, watching the incredible sight appearing in front of them. The pieces of the broken planet floated in space as the creatures shook it’s gigantic body and spread its wings for the for the first time.

On Mars the same thing was happening.

The room started shaking.

-An earthquake…? Carl looked at Monson in terror. They both knew what it it was.

The walls came falling down. The roof. Everything.

Another creature crawled out of earth and joined with the others. They all flew off into space, leaving behind the pieces of their their shells floating in space.’Tuin

Death of a Universe


    1. Thank you very much for those words, Dante. It would be an interesting, allthough quite scary, universe to live in. Then again, we could probably say the same about this one 😀


  1. That reminds me of Clarke’s phrase. ”Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

    Your story validates one of these possibilities.

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  2. I wonder if you’ve inadvertently hit on the cause of all the major volcanic eruptions that have been happening lately like in Hawaii and Nicaragua.

    I guess we’ll know if giant birds whose wings are on fire 🔥 start crawling out of the earth.

    Liked by 1 person

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