Gathering of the Crows

Crows in a tree. Aak fictionspawn

On a treetop in the country side the crows had gathered. All the clans in the area was represented. They had come from the hills, from the oat fields, from the city. Once there had been only one clan, living by the same rules, the same way. Now only the hill clans kept the ways of the old.

Their ways were threatened.

-The destruction by the Handed Ones have reached the limits of the Hill Crows’ territory. The trees are dying. Our prey are more and more scarce.

-We live off the Handed Ones, Blue said. He was the spokesman of the Scavengers, one of the city clans. – You are welcome to come to the city, but I must warn you. It’s not a good way of life. What seemed to be a never ending source of food and resources have turned out to be the doom of our ways, our dignity. Disease is flourishing, rats are ravaging our nests.

Grey took the word. -The clans of the fields have always lived partly off The Handed Ones, and there has always been a conflict. We have been dependent of the humans for a long time, our ways based on it. But they have changed the way things are run. Big metal things have made the fields bigger, with less places to hide. The crops does no longer taste the same, and the fire weapons… Life has become hard, harder than ever. The handed ones have indeed become a threat.

The other crows of the field clans agreed with loud caws.

Darkcrow scratched his chest with his beak. -The hill clans will not go live off the humans, neither by eating their garbage or stealing their crops. The hill clans will defend the old ways of the crows. We will defend the memory of our ancestors. But we need help.

-Your ancesters are our ancestors as well. You have the support of the field clans. The old ways must not be lost.

The city crows cawed between them.

-How can we survive without the humans? Said Catch of the Alley Clan. -We been living amongst them for so long!

-The ways in the city are way easier than in the hills! Another said. -The humans throw food around everywhere.

-The humans have given us easy access to food, but look at us! Said Blue. -We’re nothing but garbage eaters and disease spreaders, living on the mercy of a species destroying what we were. The Hill Clans are the pride of the Crows. Greed and laziness have destroyed us. I say we join our friends, and take our world back. This have gone too far.

-You might be right, said Catch. -Maybe we once again should let the Hill Crows lead the way.

Aye! Caawww! Caaawww!!

-The City Scavengers are with you!

-So are the Alley Crows.


-So it’s settled, then, Darkcrow said silently. -The crows will go to war.

He spread his wings and flew off to speak the word to the next assembly. The crows of the world needed to know.

The Crows Know the Dead Remember


    1. I’ll imagine. Crows are quite smart, too. I read somewhere that they have different caws when they see a human, a dead crow or a human holding a dead crow. Which is quite a high level of communication.

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  1. So the human degradation and spoiliation of Mother Gaia has now pissed off the crows.

    Driving the crows to war.

    Very ominous for humanity.

    It was for very good reason that the ancients saw crows as harbingers of death.

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      1. There is an AMAZING documentary on crows!!! They have memories of distinct people and talk about them for generations. Face recognition. It’s amazing. I’m running to get to work…but they are CRAZY smart. They watch. They talk. They gossip. They conducted the study at one of the ivy league colleges for years. Google it. It’s a brilliant piece of work!!! Cheers! 🙂

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  2. Humanity has it coming for a long time now. We’ve pissed off a lot of creatures. I believe it’s called poetic justice.

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      1. Hmm…from a purely human perspective, nature does retaliate sometimes, and when it does, it doesn’t hold anything back. Sadly, we never learn.

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