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Tanker walked over to Milka’s house. The treads were there, although he could not see them. They had interesting at first, even useful. Now they were just stealing their freedom. They all lived for the treads now. They were all slaves.

It wasn’t the treads’ fault. It was the people controlling them. Mind control. There was no escape. The treads were everywhere, connected to every mind, every thought, every heartbeat.

Milka opened the door.

-Come in, he said. -Fast!

He looked down the street. Up the street. Then closed the door.

-Are you OK? Tanker looked at him with a worried frown. His friend had always been nervous by nature, but he acted strange.

-I’m perfect! Milka guided Tanker in to the living room. -Do you feel it?

-Feel what? Tanker looked around the room. Suddenly he realised what it was. The treads were different. They didn’t tell him what to do. He looked at Milka with big, scared eyes. -What did you do? 

They’ve cut them off, said Milka with a low voice. -The treads have come to stay, but someone have found a way to control them at a personal level, to use them to live together in harmony. There is a way to break loose from the central control. I am my own boss now, Tanker. My will is mine, even more than it used to be before the treads arrived!

Tanker couldn’t believe his ears. Freedom was a word that hadn’t made sense for a long time.

-So you’re saying they can’t hear my thoughts? he whispered. He didn’t dare to believe it.

-No more than I can, my friend. -You know that’s not too much. He blinked.

That night Tanker sat down in deep meditation. He felt his mind travel through the world of other minds, where they all were connected. He felt Milka’s presence in the treads, guiding him through the net of people acting like machines. There it was.

He found it.

A chain of freedom. As he entered he felt the treads from the Leaders let go. It was a new way to be. He felt free. Connected, but decentralised, separated but one, and there was no way anyone could stop it.


The Way Things had Always Been


  1. Sounds great, but in Star Trek whenever a Borg was disconnected from the Collective there was always quite a (sometimes violent) period of adjustment. This reminds me of that!

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