One Day Music Came (audio narration)

Five string violin. Aak fictionspawn

This is my most popular story. It’s about music, and nothing to be afraid of. It was actually the first story I read on tape, but the original reading had too much background noise to be used. I’ve made a new version.

There was a sound coming from the central square. A sound they’d never heard before, so smooth and soft, so beautiful. There was something in the tones, between the tones that made the world seem like a better place, the sky a bit bluer, the problems lighter to carry.

There was a man sitting there. He had a strange widget in his hand, a box with many strings and a bow, but it was not for hunting. They all stood and watched, listened, paralysed by the calm beauty in his melody. After a long time he stopped.

The world came back. The bad harvest, the accident last week. All the problems.

More! Said the blacksmith. Please, play more!

Yes, the others agreed. Please!

I’ll be back tomorrow, the man said. He disappeared around the corner and into the forest… Read the full story here.

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  1. Wonderfully expressive storytelling with an interesting story about music. Being into music myself, I appreciate the vibrancy and color of the tale. Good work!

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  2. Beautiful story! The violinist takes the role of a Messiah, inspiring and showing the way.


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