A caveman in town. Aak fictionspawn

There were people everywhere. They were walking hastily over the strange area. He’d never seen so many people in his life and definitely not at once.

By the pits of Sogahm, where am I?

Just a few moments ago Mugunma and his friend Maragam had been hunting in the forest. He found a strange gadget on the ground. He should have known it was made of witchery. Now he was standing on this ridiculously plain stone ground. The people scared him. The colourful monsters scared him more. They seemed to ignore him and everyone else but they moved fast.

He held his spear in attack position to defend himself, but soon he realised no one cared about him. Some looked at him, but they just walked by. They seemed to be unarmed.

He decided to find out where he was. He walked over to a man and a woman wearing the fur of something he’d never seen.

-Greeting! He said. He man stopped, looked at him. Made some sounds without meaning. He continued: Can you tell me were we are? How can I get back to the forests of the Burgha Clan?

The two humans exchanged some sounds between them, and looked at him. The man shrugged. The woman laughed. They left.

He walked on, over the big open area. He felt unsafe near the walls, there were strange holes in them.


The monster came straight at him. He jumped aside, stabbed it. Its skin was too hard to penetrate. It stopped a bit further down.


Another, much bigger one almost hit him. He fell on the ground.

A man, or some kind of demon came out of the first monster, shouting something. He looked angry. Threatening. Mugunma got up, his spear ready for attack. The man stopped. Someone was shouting. Other monsters stopped. He was surrounded.

Three men in dark furs came running towards him. They were shouting things, pointing at him with some kind of weapon. The weapons looked small but there was probably some kind of magic involved. Mugunma was a skilled warrior, but the Burgha warriors knew when to fight, and when to surrender. There were monsters and sorcerers everywhere.

He slowly put his spear down.

The sorcerers jumped him, pushed him to the ground. They locked his hands on his back and pulled him towards one of the monsters. They where going to sacrifice him. He would be eaten. He kicked and he fought. Got loose started running. Soon he was caught again. There was no where to run.

He was pushed into the monster.

Down at the station Officer Johnson was waiting for his shift to end, playing with his pencil. His colleges came in with an arrest.

-We caught this guy down on the Main Road. He’s the craziest fucker I’ve seen in years. He was carrying this spear, threatening the cars. Martinsen was laughing.

Johnson looked at the man. His eyes seemed tortured with terror. -He looks like a caveman.

-He acts like a caveman.

They pushed him into a cell. He ran into the corner, looking for some place to hide. He sunk down behind the seat.

-He doesn’t seem to speak English. We’re going to need an interpreter, but I have no idea what language he speaks. By the way, he was carrying this. Martinsen threw a strange ball to Johnson.

-What is it?

-I have no idea. Maybe a phone?

Magunma stared at the sorcerer playing with the thing he’d found in the forest just before he’d found himself in this horrible place. Maybe it was his? Maybe he was angry because Muganma had stolen it. The sorcerer pushed the round thing on the side as Muganma had done. He disappeared in thin air.

-What do you mean you lost it? You can’t lose it!

-I’m telling you, it’s gone. I has to be here somewhere, we’ll have to backtrack.

Dr. Wellstone looked at his digital map of the landscape. Their route was recorded.

We better find it! I don’t want to stay here.

They started walking, examining the ground in each step.

Uh… Dalson tapped Dr. Wellstone on the shoulder. Dr. Wellstone looked up. Four cavemen held their stone spears towards them.

Johnson was standing on a tall building. Flying saucers were flying by, people looked at him from inside. He looked at the little gadget in his hand. This explained quite a bit.



Saber Tooth Beast


      1. You’re pulling from a lot of stories, Aak. I wrote a series of online “novels” loosely based on Andre Norton’s “Time Traders” series, plus, I have a lot of other time travel trapped tales. Can you give me any more clues?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know, that was the problem 😀 I don’t remember details, but I remembered how the story made me feel when I was writing the part about the two scientists in the past in this one 😉

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I tried a brief search, but without more to go on, it would take a long time to read through each story to see if it might be the one. Then I’d have to send you a series of links so you could go through them, which you could do anyway just by using the search box at the bottom of the blog page.


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  1. This is a cool story. I like that he referred to the police officer’s clothes as dark furs. I don’t know if its true, but I heard when ships first began arriving in America the natives thought the tall sails were clouds as the ship approached. It’s been shown in studies that if people don’t have a word or understanding of something they can’t interpret it. I don’t remember where I saw the study but apparently there is a word for a color in Russian that doesn’t exist in the US. They can see it fine but US citizens can’t see it. Even in history things like that happen. Ancient Greek stories refer to the sea as “wine-colored”. Everything is viewed through the lens of your own understanding. Makes you wonder if what we see in the world is all that exists or all that we can understand.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Sure does. The same thing happens with language. Spanish people who only speak Spanish have a hard time seperating the ‘v’-sound from the ‘b’ , for example. Immanuel Kant has some very interesting thoughts on how we understand the world. His idea is that time and space are just concept our minds create, and in no way a necessary part of reality. Two hundred years later quantum mechanics seem to be proving him right. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I watched something like that on a TED talk. He was saying our eyes aren’t seeing reality they are interpreting reality. Our brain takes the input and equates it to recognized patterns. Do to the time differential in interpreting our senses we are always seeing what happened a micro second ago, not the present.

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