A Dance to Remember

A Dance to Remember

She crossed the little field of grass. There were scattered flowers, but they were not what she was looking for. She entered the forest. The dance had told her there was another field on the other side, a field the hive hadn’t known from before. She knew the direction, she knew what kinds of flowers were there. She knew there was a lot.

The forest was darker. Something moved in the shadows, following her. She went faster, reached the clearing.

A spectacular sight appeared in front of her. The ultraviolet colours sparkled in her eyes. So many flowers. So much food for their cherished larva, for their beautiful Queen. She flew from flower to flower, the rich pollen sticking to her body, sucked in by the charged electric field around her. It felt good.

Soon her legs and body were covered to the limit. She started her journey back home. She flew high, so whatever she had seen before wouldn’t reach her. It was getting dark now. The outside was dangerous in the dark.

Something big jumped from the ground. A long tongue came shooting out, caught her leg. Pulled her into the frog’s mouth. She stung. She knew the sting was a dangerous solution, but there was no other way. It spit her out. She could feel her stinger resist for a moment. It hurt. It lost grip of the tongue. She fell on the ground. Got the wings moving. She flew away.

Her rear end hurt, but the stinger was still on. She had been lucky. She would live. She flew as fast as she could, out of the forest, over the field. The sun was already down, but she could see the hive. She was there. She was home.

She had quite a story to dance for the others.






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  1. The bee and flowers in your illustration are beautiful, Aak. I was struck by the brightness of the light in the painting. I’m glad that the bee in the story survived the journey and was rewarded for looking for more.

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  2. Woah! Going towards a wonderland and then turning creepily scary but she got herself out so I guess that’s a warrior princess in the making?♥️ Enjoyed this a lot. Definitely have a knack for this kind of stuff.

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