Butt Ugly II – The Murderer

Butt Ugly II - The Murderer.jpg

This can be read as an individual story. First part can be found here.

Morgan woke up, feeling like shit as always. It was still early morning, he could feel the dreams and nightmares of people living around him, hear grumpy thoughts by breakfast tables. He went out, down to the grocery store.

There he is again.

This guy gives me the creeps. The way he looks at me…

What a strange man. So… Ugly.

He went over to the refrigerator, got a bottle of milk out. Picked up a bar of chocolate on the way to the counter.

Good morning! The usual?

Yes, one bread please.

Another bread… I need to start ordering more bread.

Here you go!

He paid up and walked towards the door. He stopped to let a man pass by.

Fucking bitch. I’ll kill her tonight. She’s going to realize who she’s messing with.

He was used to hearing sinister thoughts from strangers, and he knew most of them were just stupid fantasies never to come to life, but there was something underneath. Dark, violent memories. Hate. A burning disgust beyond anything he’d ever felt.

What are you looking at, you ugly fuck?

Morgan looked away. The guy was huge. His eyes were as dark as his mind. He got out of there.

The day went by as usual. Thoughts of neighbours, thoughts of people passing by on the street outside. The TV kept his mind occupied but they were still there, always. The news came on. A murder. A young mother had been killed by her boyfriend just a few blocks away, an hour ago.

He already knew. He had known all day. Known and done nothing.




  1. Ugly, but empathetic…he feels their pain and knows who murdered who. Can’t wait to see how he handles it…or what he does…does he run and hide…or implement justice? And whose version of justice?

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  2. The idea of your character is interesting, but ultimately he is just unlikeable. He drinks himself into oblivion and completely ignores signs that something horrible is about to happen, and goes home and watches TV. In order for him to thrive you need to get him into a situation where he has to or is somehow motivated to act. Until he does that he is ultimately just a depressed guy ignoring everything in life.

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  3. He will have to live with the guilt of not doing anything, but I’m sure something positive will be bred from this. Maybe he’ll gain the courage to do something the next time because there will be a next time. This sounds like the making of a superhero.

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  4. Lord. I really like him!!! I want him to become a super-hero and save many people and finally receive so much love. 🙂 Says the wimpy corner of Your peanut gallery. Truly, nice though. He’s interesting to follow. Really, what would You do in that situation. Hmmmm.

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    1. In.a big city most people would probably do what he does, nothing. Even screams for help on the street are often ignored by hundreds of people listening in their homes or on the street. Sad but true. I guess in smaller communities we tend to be more responsable, it seems. And if you read somone’s mind, what do you do? I don’t think the police would belive you.

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  5. I enjoy the fact that he is not a likable character. You don’t have to like him to get the point of him. Art imitates life while also commenting on it and you won’t like all the people that you meet. We even have the last line that points to remorse and self hate. His drinking seems to me like a comment on the idea that power gives with one hand and takes with another. I like the mind- reading and I’d like to interpret that as a hyper reaction to social rejection- not being able to connect with anybody so he invades their minds while having no control over either of the processes.

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