There are Thirteen Ways to Look at a Blackbird

Fitful, Fearful, Phantasmal

Sideways stranger and solitary dweller pauses at my knee
I don’t move either from my cliffside seat
Awareness, yes, I’m on the verge of acknowledgement,
Of an amorphous, achromatic avian
Therein begets a sight
Surficial, skin-deep, skeletal even,
Crown to throat, animated in tick-like pivots
Curves to breast then flank
The secondary and tertiary feathers fold stacked
How can bones measure in so few millimeters?
Can a skull so fragile hold anything other than feebleness?
Born from perceived inferiority
Familiarity follows prolonged proximity
And certainly the list must be short
Of others the bird has ventured so close to?
Mustn’t it?
Imagined scenarios of an animal
Formulating an assessment of me
It feels drawn too
A distaste between us–there can’t exist any
There is
Why couldn’t it?
Why wouldn’t it?
Who am I to be so unenlightened?
My skull, not the…

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