Butt Ugly III – Escape

Butt Ugly III - Escape.jpg

The rope was tied to the pole in the ceiling. The noose was tightly secured, an effective running knot. There would be a minimum of suffering.

He’d had enough. The voices in his head, the thoughts and feelings of others were driving him crazy. How they despised him. How he despised himself.

He moved the chair over, took a deep breath. Tears ran down his cheeks. Things hadn’t been the way he wanted it too. Depression, alcoholism. Insanity. It was too much to bear. He climbed up on the chair. Put the loop over his head. A dog barked outside.

He looked to the window. He could see it in the street. Feel its mind, understand its simple thoughts. He liked dogs, he remembered. Their thoughts were different from the ones of humans. More basic. Less judgmental. This one was lost. All alone in this hard world, just like him. Worse still, it was hungry.

He had some meat in the fridge. It would be wasted. He took the noose off, stepped down from the chair.

The dog looked at him as he opened the window. Images, memories of both food and violence went through its little mind as it saw the strange man in the window. Fear ran through it when the man threw something. Then happiness. The smell of meat. Salvation. Just for a moment, but the moment was all there was.

Morgan decided to leave. Get out into the wilderness, the harmonic tranquillity of nature. Find a cabin or something, where all he could hear was the thoughts of beasts and the silent humming of trees.

Hopefully the dog would want to come with him.

Butt Ugly

Butt Ugly II – The Murderer






    1. Let’s hope so. I strongly believe whatever goes on in a dog’s mind has to be a lot nicer than most humans. Check out the documentary in the last link if you have time. You know I have a skeptic mind, but it’s very interesting.


      1. This time I did follow the link to the Scientific American Article. Excellent! Thanks! See…someone or something needs even the ugliest, most “useless” person…that’s my take-away!

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        1. What you missed was…mind blowing! (For me anyway…)I got record hits and record comments…just sayin’ …But your presence was missed. Now that you’re back…I’ll pick it up again…

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  1. What a brilliant ending – hopeful but not overly sentimental. I really liked your portrayal of the dog, telling us what it’s thinking and how it’s feeling from one moment to the next.

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