The Woman By The Sea

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The Woman By The Sea

The gentle breeze glazed her smooth skin. She waited by the sea for her master.

Hours passed and her master did not come. Sadness filled her heart before she began to be consumed with rage.

Thoughts began racing through her mind of what could have happened to her master. if he lost his way or met some unfortunate fate.

Her eyes filled with tears she sobbed for relief.

Soon a tall dark figured emerged from the waters of the sea.

Standing at the shore she Slowly looked through her blurry teary eyes noticing this tall dark figure steadily approaching.

Could this be my Master? She thought.

She didn’t know whether to run or stay so she decided to stand and wait. This could very well be her Master she has been so desperately waiting for.

Soon this tall dark figure appeared before her still wet from emerging from the waters. she…

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