Size Matters

-Almost there, little friend!

-Great! Thanks for the ride, giant man. If I was to walk all this way I would never arrive.

Mandar had met the little green creature by the road. She was hitch-hiking, sitting on a tree stump.

“Hello, little thing,” he had asked. “Where are you going?”

Tindai had made some squeaking sounds.

“Hey hey hey! Not so fast, little one! I can’t figure out a word of what you’re saying.”

Tindai giggled. “Big things, always so slow.” Still fast, but understandable. “Anywhere which is not here would be fine. I’ve been waiting for ages!”

“I’m going to the lost city of Dentrar, he said. You can come with me if you want.”

She had accepted, and jumped up on his shoulder. 

They walked far and long, and they were getting closer to the lost city, which wasn’t really that lost any more. Already some ruins could be seen every once in a while. They walked over the ridge of Denn. The view was spectacular to all sides.

-You were lucky to meet me. Walking these parts on your own for someone your size can be really dangerous.

She laughed her fast little giggle again. It sounded like the humming of a bee, only more cheerful.

-I’ve never been to the lost city before. Is it nice?

-It’s extraordinary. Full of life and movement. And they love my stories.

They walked and talked, laughed and really enjoyed each other’s company. None of them noticed the giant reptile coming over the Broken Wheel of the Future far in the east.

They chatted as the monster crossed the little lake, laughed as it came running up the hill where they were walking.

-What’s that? The little creature said, pointing at the giant lizard charging at them.

Mandar started breathing fast little breaths, shaking like a leaf.  Frozen in terror.

Drokandoo. So it was real.

The monster roared, rose above them, knowing they had nowhere to hide. The big mouth came down towards them. Mandar screamed. Tindai looked at him, puzzled.

-Are you… afraid?

She had heard about fear. She looked at the monster. It had several lines of razor sharp teeth. They were so close she could almost touch them.

She looked at her companion screaming his death scream. Looked back to the teeth. Lifted a hand. The teeth reached Mandar’s head. A bright light flashed.

A tiny little lizard was hanging from his hair.


He kept screaming.

-Hey! HEY! She slapped him in the back of his neck.

He opened his eyes, looked around. There was nothing there. The creature pointed at his hair. He grabbed the lizard.

-Did you… Did you do that?

-Of course. It’s easy!

-Er… Thanks.

-Nothing to thank me for. We haven’t eaten in quite a while. Up for some grilled lizard?

-Sure.. But… it’s a bit small, no?


He was holding a meal size lizard in his hand.

-Now it’s not. Let’s eat!

A fire was already burning by their side.

El Duende (Audio story)


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