There she was, in a distance. He started walking faster, followed her just out of sight. Every once in a while she looked over her shoulder. He stopped. Waited. Then he ran to catch up.

He remembered the first night he saw her swaying hips and her head high. Their paths had crossed. Sparkling eyes met his. A hint of fear.

He fell in love. Obsession. He wanted her.

He started looking for her at night. He found out when she came by. The route she used to take from the train station and home. Some day he would talk to her, when he found the courage.

He saw her go into her house, always looking back when she went in. Did she think about him, when she was inside, when she went to bed? Was she afraid? Curious? He was hoping the last, but he didn’t really believe it. But she didn think about him , he was sure about that.

He got this strange feeling, an absurd feeling that he was the one being followed, that someone somehow was watching, staring at him from the darkness. Had she called the police? He shrugged it off. It wasn’t illegal to walk the streets at night.

Every night the feeling grew stronger.

He lost her around a corner. He hurried up, but he didn’t really want to catch up with her as much as he wanted to get away from the feeling of being chased. He didn’t want to be alone.

He arrived at her house. She was already inside. As he walked by he saw her, looking out on the street from her window. She closed the curtains.

On his way home the feeling was there, all the time. Someone, or something was following him, examening him. When he turned around he saw nothing, but it was still there. Always out of sight, always behind him. Everywhere and nowhere, all around. Always where he did not look.

The sky had a strange glow. Colours moved between the stars giving the landscape a bizarre look.

He rounded a corner. A creature hovered above the street. Numerous eyes stared down at him.

We see you… the creature moaned. It reached out towards him. He ran back where he came from, away from the monster, away from his house.

The Monster was there again.

We want you… it moaned. He ran home, as fast as he could. The monster was there, everywhere, watching him, following him. Waiting for him.

It was staring at his house. Evil, intense eyes watching from all sides. Slowly getting closer. With shaking steps he backed away from the window.

You are ours... It wasn’t outside anymore. It was there, in his house, in the walls, the furniture. It had become the very place he thought he was safe. The walls and floors became soft, the furniture disappeared. Darkness surrounded him.

He screamed, but no one heard. He pleaded, but no one answered. He faded away, and no one cared.




  1. Beginning of a great tale! And you really got inside the mind of a stalker! They don’t believe they are doing harm…the believe they are “wanted” by the other whom they stalk…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks George! I made some research in the process, and it turns out the most common kind is the one we got here. Then there’s other kinds, that might be a lot more dangerous. Anyway, our hero here was really going to talk to her, at least the first couple of times, but he chickened out. Then the stalking started for the stalking itself, and, if the many eyed monster hadn’t stopped him, he might have drifted into even darker deeds… She’s been lucky, and she doesn’t even know.

      Liked by 1 person

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