Open Window


This is an interactive story, where you (lucky you!) get to be the protagonist. Read the first part, give me your next move, and I’ll tell you how your story ends. Good luck.


You sit before your desk, squeezing your pain and fears out on the paper. Disguised as fiction, told in the skin of another person’s life. The horrors of the past, the nights of loneliness.

You’re tired. It’s been a long day, first the day job, then writing till late at night. You put your pen down and go to the kitchen.

You cut a slice of bread and get a glass of water. Take you shoes off, put them under your bed. It’s a warm night, and you leave your window open.

You lie in bed, close your eyes. Just when you drift into dreamland, you hear something outside, but you’re too tired to care. You fall asleep.

A horrific scream pops your eyes open. A monster is coming in the window. A face twisted in pain, a body trembling with anger. He has already seen you lying in bed, and moves towards you.


What do you do?


Crystal Clear



  1. In my panic, I remember the old phrase “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” I leap out of bed, determined, in control. Scrambling towards my closet door, I pull it open with a creak and tear the clothes out, throwing coats aside, desperately searching. Somewhere in the darkness my hand lands on the precious item. My Halloween mask from last year. A ghastly thing. Terrible to behold, even for a monster. Okay… go, Mr FictionSpawn 😀

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    1. The monster moves towards you. As you turn around, it stops. Stands there, on all fours, watching your hideous face. It moves its head to one side. Sniffs the air. It rises up on its feet, fills its lungs. Roars a horrible roar in your face, the smell makes feel sick to your stomach, the wind almost throws you off your feet. Your still standing.

      Seems you won some time… Now what?

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      1. “I know what it is to be an outcast,” I say, forcing strength into my trembling voice. “To not fit in. To be scorned and unloved.”
        I take a step closer, searching for its eyes in that contorted face.
        “The thing is that eventually, we come to believe the rest of the world. We become the monsters they have cast us as. But what do they expect? Hate breeds hate.”
        I reach towards the dresser, slowly pull open the drawer, and take out a hunting knife. The blade glints in the moonlight. There’s still a stain on the hilt from the night before. I grin.
        “Come on, my friend. Let’s go have some fun.”

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  2. You see something blink in the corner of the monster’s eye. A tear runs down its cheek. A sad smile spreads over its face. It wraps its arms around you. You hear it sobbing, and try to calm him down.
    “Hush”, you say. “It’s going to be alright.”
    You start feeling sorry for the poor creature, wanting to help it, make things right. The sobbing gets stronger. So does the hug. Its strong arms squeezes around you, harder and harder. You try to tell it to stop, to let go, but you have no air in your lungs. Desperately you lift your knife. It sinks deep into the flesh in its back. It lets you go, looks at you for a moment. A word escapes from its lips.
    It falls over. a pond of blood spreads out underneath its lifeless body.

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  3. “Poor thing,” I mutter under my breath. And I really mean it. I grab both of its huge, clawed feet and drag its body into the closet. There’s so much blood pooling on the floor, but it’ll have to wait till morning. It has been a long day, after all.

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  4. I scream and the monster screams back at me. I am enthralled, excited as the realisation comes to me, this is how it will end. I grab my pen and pad. I crawl under the bed and write as fast as I can – please, please let me finish my novel. There is an earsplitting snarl and the bed is thrown across the room. I laugh and cry at the same time. The monster thrusts his putrid face and mouth towards me. I scribble like mad, laughing. Yes! yes I scream this is how all my novels should end …..

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    1. You keep writing as the monster pushes you down its throat. Inspiration flows through your veins and you’ve never felt this alive…
      Your publisher comes by the next day. Angry and annoyed by your lack of respect for deadlines, he knocks on the door. No answer. He walks around the house.
      “Where is that lazy no good charlatan hiding…? I’ll teach him a thing or two…”
      He sees the window open, and climbs in. The room is a mess, splintered furniture all over.
      “Damn, he can’t even clean his house…” He picks up a paper from the floor. His eyes open wide.
      Your book Is published few months after. The mystery of your disappearance is great for sales. Your bestseller is finally written.

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    1. You keep taking photos as the monster rips the sheet, throws it aside. You jump head first out the window. A giant hand grabs your foot, pulls you back in. Your finger hits “publish” the moment your body crashes into the wall at tremendous force. You lie on the floor, back broken. The monster lifts its arms for another strike. You hear the likes click in on Instagram, and a smile spreads over your face. You have gone viral.

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      1. Haha…oh this was too funny, and too good! 😀😀 Really enjoyed this, thanks! I love pick a path to adventure books, and this almost felt like that again! Awesome job…and yay…I’ve gone viral! Woohoo!😀😀😀

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    1. The monster holds a hand up over its eyes, screaming. It waves the other over its head, grabs the lamp in the ceiling. The lamp gets ripped down, and the room goes dark again. The monster staggers around temporarily blinded, but you have to act fast.
      What’s your next move?

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  5. My body started trembling, my palm gets sweaty and my heart started pounding so hard , the monster started to crawl towards me , I wanted to scream real hard but I can’t , I felt like my body get paralysed from fear , now the monster was standing very close to me , I can feel his heavy stinky breath on my face !!! “I m gonna die”,”I m gonna die” my brain started chanting this !!! “Achoooooooooooooooooo” suddenly I sneezed, the monster seems uncomfortable now , he moved away from me and went to the other end of the room ,he saw too many medicines there,now I can see the horror on his face “Are you??? Are you????!!! ” He stammered , “yes I am a corona positive patient” I replied !!!! Now he started running wildly in my room , finding a way to sneak out

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    1. “I did, actually,” Steve says. He runs his fingers through the wispy hair. “Thank you for noticing.” He blushes, like he used to down at the lab where you work, before the experiments went all wrong. The anger comes back in his eyes.

      “You! You did this to me!” He grabs you, throws you out of the window. Carries you down the street all the way to the lab and strings you to a chair.

      Your colleges come to work the day after. George throws his coat at the chair, and walks into the laboratory. He screams.
      Michael comes running in. His jaw falls. George is puking in a corner. A pile of mutated meat is lying in the patient chair. They can spot an arm. A face. Slime. Tentacles. Gore. A sound comes from the pulp’s mouth. Michael walks closer. Words.

      “Kill me… Please kill meee…”

      “Astonishing,” he says. “Get the equipment out, George. This can be worth millions.”


    1. The lamp breaks in the monster’s head. It looks puzzled. Resistance? That’s new… A wide grin spreads over its face. It grabs you, throws you playfully up in the air a couple of times. You fall brutally, breaking the the desk under the window. Your arm’s twisted in a strange way, shooting pain goes through your back, but you’re alive.

      The monster stands tall, laughing, waiting for your next move… What will it be?


  6. I shout out loud, very loud, hoping to wake the neighbours. I’ll call for help, and then….
    And then if nothing works out..I will run out of the house….maybe till a trusty neighbours house or a police station

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    1. You shout. You shout so loud all the neighbours wake up miles away. Still, no one will get there in time. You run towards the door, but it’s too late. The monster grabs you, beats you up and eats you sitting on your bed.


  7. I snatch up my notebook, fingers scrabbling over the keys. Before the monster can finish heaving himself through the window, I’ve conjured up my own monster, twice as tall and three times as fearsome. The intruder quakes in fear and retreats. My monster’s after him. I lie back, listening to yelps and screams and monster footsteps disappearing into the night.

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    1. Good move, Chris! However, you did break the rules. You’re only in title to tell me your move, the reaction will be up the fate (that is, me :D). Sooooo…. Your giant monster’s breaks through the ceiling due to its enormous size. You hear your upstairs neighbour scream and your monster roar. The window monster comes at you. The giant monster, dedicated to eat your neighbour steps on its head to get up to the flat above, and it falls to the ground, but it will soon be up again. Now what do you do?


  8. (I’m going to take this in a terrible direction – feel free to murder me immediately if you want.)

    You quickly diagnose the pained-man’s problems, and you know exactly what he needs: medicine.

    You lean over to your bedside table, roll a blunt, and offer it to the creature. In your other hand, you flick a zippo to turn on the lighter. “Don’t worry,” you say, “I have a prescription. It’s legal.”

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    1. The monster looks at the joint in your hand. At your face. Back at your hand.
      It reaches out, grabs it. Looks at your face with questioning eyes.
      “Go ahead, ” you say. “Draw it in.”
      It finishes the blunt in one drag, burning its fingers. Breaths out in your face. You cough. A big smile spreads over its face. It laughs quietly.
      You roll another, and lean back. Finally you have someone to smoke with.

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    1. The monster poses willingly by your side. It even forces a smile, holding its arm around you. You see the likes ticking in as you make an intent of pulling out of the grip. The monster holds you fast, turns towards you. The smile turns into laughter. Stronger and stronger it laughs, its wide open mouth coming closer and closer to your head… until it bites it off.

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