Smuggler’s Road


-We did it, we’re cross the border! We’re rich!

The two rugged men made a high five.

-What’s that on the sky?

-Looks like a seagull to me. But… It looks big, no?

The seagull came closer.

-Way too big, Ron said. -Damn, it looks like a plane!

The seagull circled over the truck, as if it was looking for something. It dived.

-It’s… it’s coming this way!

The truck shook violently. Ron looked out of the window.

-We’re off the ground!

-Ohmyohmyohmyohmy! Where is it taking us?

-It’s heading for the sea!

Far over the sea they flew for a long time. A rocky island could be seen in a distance. The seagull flew closer, scooped down and landed on a giant nest.

Its hungry children attacked the truck, ripped it to pieces. Ron and Ronny were thrown around as the trailer was opened. The birds swallowed the smuggled barrels greedily, booze raining down on the men.

-They’re eating our load! Those greedy fuckers!

-Better the load than us, man! Get down!

The birds jumped around for a while. A couple of them fell out of the nest, down on the rocks far, far below. The other three fell asleep.

Now what do we do? There’s no way we’ll ever get back to shore from here…

Ronny got his cellphone out. -Let’s call for help.

-R-Ronny… Ron was looking over his head.

Ronny slowly turned around. The seagull stared down at them from the edge of the nest. It didn’t look happy at all.


On the Road


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