Basket Case

-No! Let go! It’s mine!

-Not any more it ain’t! Give it!

-Please… You don’t know the danger you are…

A voice thundered from hills on the other side of the valley.

-Is that man bothering you, Elisa…?

-N-no! No! Everything is fine! We’re.. we’re just… flirting! Flirting, yes, that’s it! We’re flirting.

-Are you sure? He seems rather aggressive…

-W-w-what is going on!? By the Gods, please don’t hurt me!

-(Get up, you fool!) Everything’s fine, giant mountain monsters. He’s an old friend, and he was just leaving (Run! Run for your fucking life)!

-Then why is he running?

-He… er…. He’s…

-Well, he’s gone now. Never mind. Remember, whenever you need us…

-Thanks! Don’t worry, I’ll let you know (Phew! That was close!).

She walked home with her fruit basket safe and sound. For once, trouble was fixed without bloodshed.


Social Bandits


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