Jelly Fish


The sun stood high. The sunglasses and the shadow from the parasol gave the perfect hiding place. Tits and booties all over. Johnny laid back and enjoyed. Finally a day off. He closed his eyes, breathed in the fresh sea air.

“Can you please help me put some sun block on my back?” the beautiful woman by his turned over, moved her body from side to side.

“Sure,” he answered. He got some lotion on his hand, started smearing it out on her skin.

“A bit lower down, please… Lower… lower… mmmmmmhh…”


Johnny sat up, looked around. A man was pointing out to the sea. As Johnny rubbed the sleep out of his eyes the sun block woman was soon forgotten.

He gazed towards the water. It moved strangely, as if a hill was rising in the middle of the ocean. A bubble coming up from the deep.

-Oh my God…. It’s… It’s a giant jelly fish!

-A monster! A jelly fish monster!

A figure rose, stood up taller than any creature he’d ever seen. Transparent like the water, with legs and arms, a mindless face. A wave flooded in on the beach. The monster walked towards them with slow, long steps.

Johnny ran. He stepped over kids and sunbathing women. The jelly fish man reached the shore, followed the crowd into town. Its tentacle threads burned the skin of anyone who fell behind.

The monster walked against the wind through town and into the desert behind. It fell over, lay in the dry sun. Soon there was nothing left but a stinking pile of transparent pulp.





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