The Wait

Anxiety Aak fictionspawn

He could feel the horrors in the corners, the evil of the shadows. He could feel the monster lurk, creatures run in fear.

He wanted to leave, wanted to run. He was still there.

He wanted to scream, to fight. He stayed still.

Paralysed by darkness, nowhere to flee. Nowhere to hide, and nothing left to do.

In the deepest of his fears, it was there.

In his house, waiting, watching, it was there. Breathing through the walls, laughing when night falls.

Waiting for him to die in its hands. Waiting for him to move.


  1. Very scary, very haunting. I didn’t think the happy monsters were going to last.
    Seriously though, this feels very much like those night time terrors that lurk in the darkness of the mind and reflective of what many people are going through during these strange and difficult times.


    1. That’s the Steven King one, right? With the hotel room. I saw that one taking care of a friend’s cat in his attic flat at night, where the other three floors of the building were abounded… Gave me the creeps.

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        1. It was quite comfortable, to tell you the truth. A break from the caveman lifestyle I had back then, three weeks in a penthouse flat with all the latest informatic facilities. But yes, the place is quite inspiring 🙂

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