High Seas

Sea monster Aak fictionspawn

He built the boat, piece by piece. It was the exact replica of a boat he knew, a boat sunk to the bottom of the deep sea.

As he fastened the final pieces a story came to life. Two lovers sailing the seas, youngsters loving like only youngsters in love can. Wild and free they were conquering the world.

On the ocean bed something moved. Created of hate and bitterness in the darkest realms of this world. Watching, following.

Water silent as a tin plate, not a cloud in the sky. Silence broken by terror of the deep, whirling up the sea. Screams of the innocent fuelling its lust, holding each other tight wile devoured without mercy.

So real, so pleasantly morbid, a satisfaction he’d never known. He looked at the boat on the table below, broken, shattered, destroyed.

Now he had to start all over again.


I’ve created a page where I’ll list up my own favourite fictionspawn stories. Check it out, here, or in the menu on top of the page. I will be adding more stories to the list.


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