One Answer

A rock face in the jungle. Aak fictionspawn

-Shut up, man! This is all your fault! If you hadn’t been talking all the fucking time, we would have been back in town with the rest of the group now with beautiful photos of the waterfall.

-So now it’s my fault? You’re the one who… Wait… What’s that?

The two travellers stared in awe. This was far better than any waterfall.

-A monument of a lost civilization. I can’t believe this!

They had been lost in the jungles for days, getting deeper and deeper in the more they tried to get out.

-I think we’ve discovered something totally new man!

The carvings looked like they had been formed by nature itself, but they were too figurative to be a coincidence. Two eyes were staring down on them from above a mouth formed cave entrance.

-What could be in there? I don’t know, but I don’t really like the look on that face…

-You’re such a coward. Come on, let’s go have a look!

-Wait! Don’t….

-Chew – Munch – Slurp – Crunch!

A scull came bouncing out of the mouth.

-…go in there…

-Buuurp… Thank you for your sacrifice, little human. What do you want to know?

-Sacrifice? I don’t.. I didn’t… Oh…

-One human life, one question, one answer. Those are the rules.

-Oh, yes, sacrifice! O-of course! I want to know how to get back to town!

-Ah, that’s easy. You walk.

-What..? No, I already knew that! Which way? Where do I…?

The stone formation was once again silent as a rock.

One answer, Peter heard, whispering through the leaves of the trees.

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