City monsters on buildings Aak fictionspawn

“Good afternoon, I’m James Muck, and this is Channel Eight News. Strange reports are coming in from down town today. Our reporter is down there, circling the skies in a helicopter. What’s happening, Michael?”

“There seems to be some kind of infestation down here, James. Some kind of…. blubs lying on top of the buildings!”

“We’re seeing them, Michael. Quite a sight. What are they?”

“I have no idea, but they do not seem like anything of this world… Oh my god…”

“What’s happening down there, Michael?”

“They’re eating the buildings!”

“Are the buildings evacuated?”

“People are still running out of the entrances, James! Some are jumping out of the windows! Oh, this is…”

“Horrible news from down town, there. We’ll be right back after these messages.”

“Need reforms? Call Johnson and son Construction!”

“Carbar! The chocolate bar of the future!”

“Some days things just won’t go your way. Billy Beer, the road to success!”

“We’re back  live on Channel Eight News. Monstrous creatures have infested several tall buildings down town. What can you tell us, Michael?”

“The monsters have eaten several buildings down to the ground, sir. Wait! A bright light! Another monster just appeared out of nowhere, on top of a building nearby. We’re going closer for a better… Turn! The tentacles… Get us out of here! Get us…  Aaaaaaaahhhhhh….biiiiiiiiiiiip”

“We seem to have lost contact with our team down town. Here’s a word from our sponsors.”

“Do you feel down? Does the world not treat you right? Treat yourself to a treat! Carbar! The chocolate of the future!”


  1. I like how the TV Channel Eight News is detached from the serious reality – Oh well – throw me another Carbar the chocolate that HAS a future.
    I wonder when the gobbling blobs will reach the TV News Building – would our reporter notice?
    Should I laugh or be scared?

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