Monsters under the bed Aak fictionspawn

(Another illustration reused, since I’m far away from my drawing table. Hopefully I’ll have a new one next week. Here’s a new story, at least.  The story the illustration originally was made for can be read here.)

Hey kid! What’s up?

Jeremy opened his eyes. Someone was talking to him from under the bed.

Who’s there?

Uh.. We… I mean, I’m… A friend! That’s it, a friend.

Several voices giggled. Friend.. Hihihi! Good one, good one, goo…

Shut up! You’re ruining it!

Johnny sat up.

Come down here, man! It’s fun! Don’t be afraid, we’ll have a great time, just me and you!

Mom! Mooom!

No! Don’t call Mom!

No! We hate Mom!


Mom came in, turned the lights on. What is it, honey?

There’s someone under my bed!

There’s no one under your bed, Jeremy. Don’t be silly.

There is, I heard them!

She laid down on her knees, looked under the bed.

See? There’s no one there.

Jeremy looked down. She was right. Nothing there but the floor and the wall in the back.

There are no monsters, Jeremy. You should know that by now…

Jeremy felt stupid.

I know, I know…

You’ve been studying too hard, that’s all. Now, you need to go to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day! She gave him a kiss and turned the lights off on her way out.

Is she gone?

I think so…

Be quiet! He’ll hear you!

Hey, Jeremy! It’s me again, your friend!

Jeremy turned his face towards the wall, pulled the blanket over his head. He had a bad feeling he would fail his exam tomorrow.


      1. I once was going to a thermodynamics exam and took a shortcut through the woods. My classmate who was walking with me stopped and pointed at a copperhead snake in the way.

        We looked to each other and someone asked, “Would it be better to just get bitten?”

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