Homo Informatus

A man attached to his computer Aak fictionspawn

He had connected all his old electronic devices and all his new. Only one part remained. Himself. He put his goggles on, covered his ears with his head set. Slipped into the body covering movement sensitive blanket. He felt the widget implanted in the back of his head with his fingers. They had done quite a good job, the guys at the cyborg organisation. He grabbed the cable, plugged it into the little holes.

He felt a rush of sensations. Images flashed before his eyes, sounds filled his ears. Chaotic, at first. Then he got the hang of it. It was his, all there, part of his mind. He browsed through old photos, listening to songs, watched a movie in an instant.

He was ready. He went to configurations, opened the connections panel. Took a deep breath. Connect to internet. The world was at his feet, waiting to be conquered.


    1. Hmmm… Not to familiar with ST Next Generation, but sounds like a dangerous guy ( or thing?). I wasn’t really intending to make him a villain in this one, although I did see it might look like it when I wrote it. The conquering is more of an adventurous nature. Thanks a lot for your comment, Darnell, highly appreciated.

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