Hidden Secrets

Skeleton in the Closet Aak fictionspawn

The two children stood paralysed, staring at the hole in the wall. The dark smell of rot filling the room was unbearable. Between the bones a scull stared up at them, as if it was judging them for breaking the rules. Another stared into the darkness behind, into nothingness.

The front door opened downstairs.

Children! I’m home!

Carrie and James looked at each other. At the door. At the hole in the wall. A cold, tingling sensation went down Carries back as she ran to the door, closed it.

What do we do?

James lower jaw was shaking, his eyes flickering around the room, looking for a way out, looking for a solution.

The drawer! We need to get it in front of the hole! Carrie’s voice was whispering and screaming at once. The drawer made a squeaking sound as she started pushing it along the wall towards the hole.

Steps could be heard in the stairs.

Children? I’ve told you a hundred times, you’re not supposed to be up here!

The steps reached the first floor. Walked down the hall.

James was breathing heavily, staring at the door handle. It moved. The door opened.

What are you children doing here? Aunt Liz had a strange, forced smile on her face. She looked at Carrie and James, at the drawer, back to the children.

W-we were playing, and we…

You’re not allowed to be in here! Her smile was shaking on one side of her mouth, her eyes darkening with a strange, mad glare.

I-I’m sorry! James started crying.

Liz closed the door behind her.

For a moment all that could be heard was James’ sobbing. Carrie didn’t breath.


Carrie was sitting in the hospital chair, looking out the barred window. The garden outside was beautiful, but she knew her brother didn’t appreciate it. The drugs made him numb, apathetic, but they seemed to keep the pain away. The fear.

Memories went flashing through her head, as they always did when she was here. Memories of a day so many years ago, a day they had never talked to anyone about. The day her little brother changed forever. The day she had killed their aunt Elizabeth.






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