Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky Aak fictionspawn

Randy pulled the stolen bottle out of his pocket, took a good sip of the brown liquid and made a frown.

Bobby grabbed the bottle. -Good job, Randy! Let’s go!

They drove into town, and down the main street, which was in fact the only street in their town. Harry the police officer was watching them from a parking lot. The three boys stared back at him.

-Man, how I hate him, Randy said.

-Yeah, man. Bill said from the back seat. -The other day he was asking me all kinds of questions. He wouldn’t let me go. And I hadn’t done shit all day!

When they came to the end of the street, they turned around. Then they drove back.

-Do ever get, like tired of this? Randy said after a while.

-Tired of what?

-Driving up and down the street?

-I dunno…? What else could we do?


-Give me the bottle, asshole!

Billy took another sip.

The car stopped. Billy fell forward, spilling whiskey all over his shirt. -What the fuck, man…

The two other said nothing, just stared up in the sky.

An eye was staring down at them from the sky, contemplating them, judging them. Randy put the car in reverse. Pulled off. Crashed into a light pole.

-Get out! he screamed, and opened the door. He ran. Ran down the street and didn’t look back. Other people had seen it as well. Some stood there, staring, paralysed, others fled in panic. Police deputy Harry got out his gun with a trembling hand and started shooting. Soon he was out of bullets. He ran.

Randy hid behind a trash can. The eye hung there for a while. Randy could swear it was looking straight at him. In an eternal moment, they connected. He felt something, deep inside. Then the eye disappeared.

-So live your lives as if you are always watched, my dear friends. Because the Eye, the beholder from beyond, will someday come back. And then we must be worthy.

Applause. People started leaving the hall. Harry the police officer came up to were Randy was standing.

-Great speech today, Randy, he said.

-Thank you Harry.

-People say it was a god. He looked his her preacher with an asking look in his eyes.

-And others say it was an alien. I don’t know what it was, to tell you the truth. All I know is that the Eye tried to tell me something that day. It told me to help people instead of pissing them off. So that’s what I want to do.

-I’m happy for you, the police officer said. -You were on a bad track. See you tomorrow.

-Peace be with you. Randy watched the man walking down the road. His smile stiffened and disappeared as his his eyes hardened. He still hated him, hated him deeply, but he had to pretend. The eye could be watching.




God of Abraham



  1. I like this one a lot! Randy gives me John Pilgrim vibes, he’s one of the villains from season 2 of The Punisher on Netflix. Pilgrim wanted only to be saved and to live a righteous life with his family, but the church used him to do their dirty work and made his already righteous life into a reward for carrying out the will of the corrupted, threatening him with the wrath of God if he didn’t comply. I see a similar theme here, Randy is doing what he thinks is right but only out of fear for what will happen if he doesn’t, in this case the eye watching him. Great story!

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  2. I wouldn’t say that’s sincere repentance. In Judaism, doing good because you fear punishment is considered valid, but not nearly as spiritually elevating as doing good for the sake of pleasing God and helping people.

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    1. Good deeds are indeed a lot more worth when they are done to help others, not out of fear or for own gain, especially for the one who does it. A bit of a paradox, you have to not try to earn from the deed to really earn from it.

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