A man on a toilet Aak fictionspawn

Joe’s head hurt more than usual. The room was spinning. What happened last night? Where had he been, what had he done? He was hoping he’d never find out.

He turned his head. A woman was lying beside him. Pretty. Too pretty. Definitely a whore, there’s no way she’d be here for free. He looked around. He seemed to be in some cheap motel somewhere. At least he hadn’t brought her home.

I’m too old for this shit, he thought to himself.

His bladder was about to explode, so he pulled himself together and got out of bed. It hurt. Every muscle, every bone. His mind. His mind hurt like hell.

He went out into the bathroom and sat down on the loo. He sat there for a long while. Images flashing by, memories of yesterday. Girls laughing. Him dancing on the table.

Too old. Too fucking old.

He pulled a sheet from the paper roll, started folding it. A sound. He looked down between his legs.

A rat.

He jumped up, got on his feet. The rat came out of the toilet, ran into the corner. Joe grabbed the toilet brush to defend himself, holding it out like a sword. The rat had taken position under the sink, staring at him with dark eyes: You’ll win, but I’m sure going to hurt you in the process.

Joe heard a gurgling sound from the toilet.

Rats came pouring out, covering the floor. Joe ran towards the door, stepped on one of them. Fell. He grabbed the door handle in the fall. The door opened, and the rats crawled over him, ran into the bedroom. He could hear the whore scream.

He lay there, staring at the toilet. No more rats came. The toilet started shaking. A horrible thought went through his mind. They were fleeing.

Something was pushing through the hole, something too big to get out. He crawled backwards on the dirty floor. His eyes locked with the woman standing terrified on the bed. He looked back on the toilet.

A hand. A hairy, dirty, wet hand grabbed the edge. It pulled itself up. An elbow. Another hand. Two eyes, piercing, cruel. Evil. He tried to get up on his feet, slipped, and fell again.

Run! He screamed to the whore. Get out out here!

She didn’t move. The floor was covered in rats.

The creature was coming out of the toilet, covered in shit and sewers. Its face was almost human, but the eyes were too big, teeth too sharp. It fell out on the floor, its body gliding out after it.

Lisa could see a hand grab her client by the foot. Pull him past the bathroom door. He started screaming.

Joe fought as well as he could, hitting the monster with his toilet brush. It slid back into the toilet, one hand holding tight on his leg.

Help me! he shouted to the whore.

Lisa was scared stiff.

He slid after the monster into the toilet. His leg went down the drain. He was stuck, but it pulled him further. The toilet broke. Dirty water poured out on the floor. Bones were breaking.

The rats were crawling all over the room, on the floor, on the bed where Lisa was hiding under the blanket. Soon her client stopped screaming.

Someone knocked on the door.

Help! Help us!

A key turned, and the door opened.

What the fuck? Michael the receptionist jumped aside. A horde of rats came running out like a river of dirt. He peered into the room. A woman was hiding under the sheets on the bed.

Are you OK, ma’m?

She pointed to the bathroom door with a shaking finger.

The receptionist walked to the bathroom. The floor was wet and dirty and the toilet broken to pieces. A dark, stinking hole was staring at him from the ground. Somewhere underneath he heard the sound of something big being pulled through the tubes.




The Cockroach Man in the Darkness Lurks


    1. Rats are indeed extremely scary. I had a terrifying experience myself once, but them coming out of the toilet would probably be worse. And of course, please do. There’s a contact page in the menu on top of the page. Thanks a lot.


  1. Yeah, I know how it is waking up in a strange motel…with a whore…totally hung over…I’ve been there…except, of course, for the rats…and the monster crawling out of the toilet…never been hung over THAT bad. And…you’re NEVER too old…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well I’ve watched J-horror films where strange entities emerge from the TV set.

    But this is the first time I’ve read about a strange entity coming from underneath the toilet.

    No one will be able to go to the bathroom with safe thoughts anymore after reading this.

    You’ve undoubtedly invested in a laundromat that specializes in cleaning dirty underwear and you’re helping to build up business for it as a result of people feeling reluctant to go to the bathroom. 😆

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    1. Damn, you got me! Haha! Let’s hope no one else finds out…
      This story is actually inspired by a creature in Norwegian called Dodraugen. Draug is a mythological undead monster, and do is, well, toilet. It comes from a TV show from the seventies, and it’s like a children’s tale, but as a joke. Quite funny, but it’s in Norwegian, so… Still very different from my story, but it’s a monster living under the toilet taking away children when they go to there. Quite a bedtime story.

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