Back Where You Belong

Dark city monster Aak fictionspawn

Tired of running, you stand before a formless mass of faces. Tentacles are reaching out for you, grabbing you. Pulling you down. Tearing you apart.

Memories. Times of freedom, of fresh air. Memories of lost dreams. An acid snake crawls up your spine as you grasp the depth of the moment. You’re back. This time there will be no escape.

A face twisted in pain rises above you. You can hear moans of thousands of tortured minds as its hideous mouth reveals the deep darkness inside.

No! you shout. Leave me alone!

But your voice drowns in the sea, floats away with all the others.

Stay with us, they say. Be one of us. Be like us. Be us.

Just when you finally thought you had made it.

Slowly you surrender. Let yourself be sucked back into the horrors you once belonged to. Trapped by the monster you’ve tried so hard to escape, a shadow falls upon you, upon your life, your future. It devours you body, your mind, your essence. All you are, all you would ever be.

You’ve lost. Society has made another claim, one more piece of flesh in the stream.


  1. Seemes to to me that this guy iis an anarcist going back to his rotten roots, to the ugly world he came from, where he grew up with his petty bourgois family, with hard treatment, hard diciplin, sexual abusement and violence. Good luck to him…

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