Sinister Land of Nightmares

Sinister Monster

This was only meant to be an illustration when I started out, but I thought I’d throw in a little piece of micro-fiction with it as well:

She walked through the landscape of terror. Nightmarish visions flashed around her head, inside her mind, through her heart. Tearing her, pulling her. Destroying her. Horrible creatures of suffering and pain. They weren’t the scary part.

It was the books.

Whatever sinister knowledge they hid, whichever dark spells made them flap around this way, she knew not. They were all she had to lead the way.

She knew not were her self ended, and the outside world began. She moved through her inner fears, the dreads of her past. She saw something. Something real, something living. A human. Defenceless and scared, with nowhere to hide. An evil grin spread across her face.

Dinner was served.


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Bitcoin: 1HEXcuZ82jyj97gZdnSnW3SD24cphwBzZS



    1. Thanks, Gorman! I’ll be working more on my illustrations for a while, to better my portfolio. If you know anyone who needs someone to make them crazy monster illustrations, please give them my site adress 😀 😀


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