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Larry was sitting on the little beach, playing with a stick. There wasn’t much else to do. The giants came swimming in again, huge underwater monsters, passing by every once in a while. Some said they were gods. Larry wasn’t sure, but he knew his life depended on them.

-They say there’s another world far above, Peter said. Peter was new here, he had come in from the shop, young, full of life and energy. Such a waste.

-They say a lot of things, Larry answered. He sighed. These youngsters, always so full of their stupid hopes.

-I think they’re right, Peter said. -We have to come from somewhere, it just doesn’t make sense that people have been living down here for all eternity.

-Maybe the gods created us.

-When I was in the shop, there were stories about a time when our ancestors lived far up over the surface of the water, dry land of infinite proportions. We could walk around, we built castles and cities, we even had boats that ran on top of the water! Maybe it’s all still up there…

-Who knows, Larry said dumbly. -I’m not even sure if there is a surface of the water. All I’ve ever seen are these glass walls and the water hall outside. Fish swimming back and forth, birds and animals come and go whenever the gods wants them to.

He looked at the parrot in the palm tree.

-Squeek! It said. -Cookies!!

-Cookies. I don’t even know what that is.

Peter sighed. -There has to be more to the dry world than these glass cubes. There just has to be.

He looked dreaming out into the air.

-I guess we’ll never know, Larry said.

-I guess we won’t. I can still dream, though.

-Good for you, young man. Larry lent back and closed his eyes. -Whatever keeps you alive.


Marine Biology


There has been less activity here on Fictionspawn Monsters lately, since I’m going to be a father and have to focus on more profitable projects. I do however promise that if anyone donates, a new story will be up shortly after. So…



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    1. Thank you very much on both. I had the idea for this one when I saw a aquarium the other day, and found it interesting to imagine the opposite. It went a bit fast, though, I would have liked to work a bit more on characters and world building. Maybe I will 🙂

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  1. I was wondering about the fact that there was a little bit less activity here, but I figured that maybe it was because of the summer season However this is of course totally awesome news! Congratulations! Really happy for you! 😊😊😊🎉🎉

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