Marine Biology

Giant Deep Water Eel. Submarine. Aak fictionspawn

-Captain! Something is approaching. Something big!

Captain Johnson looked at the radar. It was big. Big as a whale, or even bigger. There were no whales on fifteen thousand feet depth.

Gebbler was watching through the thick glass window.

-Astonishing! This was more than he had expected, more than he’d ever dreamed of.

Two red eyes were approaching in the dark. They were glowing, and were getting bigger and bigger as they came closer in the dark water. One eye was staring at him as the head past the submarine. Its body seemed to never end.

Hansen was standing beside him. -What… What in the deep sea is it?

-It looks like some kind of fish, an eel or something.

-Then it’s the biggest fish anyone have ever seen.

-The wonders of the deep sea…

The two marine scientists watched the creature’s skin touch the window.

The boat shook. Threw them off their feet.

-We’re being pulled down! Jameson pulled levers, pushed buttons. -We’re being pulled down fast!

The indicators on the screen were out of control. Numbers running at unreadable speed.

-Pressure increasing! Captain Johnson was pushing buttons in panic

The walls were making strange sounds. Water started shooting in from around one window.

-Into the emergency wessel. Now!

Gebbler, Hansen and Captain Johnson jumped through the door.

-Jameson! Get in here!

-The fish body is blocking the exit. We won’t be able to shoot it out!

Gebbler grabbed controls to the drill designed for taking samples of the sea bottom. He moved it towards the creatures body. He felt dizzy. His ears were ringing.

-Get into the vessel now!

Jameson ran into the vessel. Gebbler stuck the drill into the fish body. Blood mixed with the water pouring in through the cracks in the wall. The stream knee high. It was too strong. He fell He was thrown around like a puppet.

-Close the door! Captain Johnson said.

We have to save him! Hansen was holding the door open, Leaning out. Hoping to catch his friend. Jameson grabbed his shoulder.

-Close it or we’ll die!

They closed the door. Pushed the red button.

In the window in the floor they could see the submarine and the monster disappear in the depth.

-We’re going too fast! The pressure fall will kill us!

-Breaks on!

Slowly the pressure stabilised.

-He saved our lives… Hansen had tears in his eyes.

-There was nothing we could do to save him, captain Johnson said. -We were all about to die.

Hansen didn’t answer. He was staring over the captain’s shoulder, white as a sheet. The captain slowly turned his head.

A red eye was staring in through the window.

Deep Sea Adventurers


  1. That’s terrific. When I was a kid, I watched the old TV show “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” about a futuristic research sub called the “Seaview.” In that show and many other TV shows and movies of that era, submarines were always encountering strange creatures and risking destruction by going below “crush depth.” Great adventure.

    I’m currently editing a 10,000 word story based on this wee tale that I’m planning to submit to an Australian magazine calling for stories using the theme “military horror.” Although the bulk of my story isn’t set aboard a submarine, that’s where it begins. It’s a lot of fun, but editing for actual publication takes way more time than the writing itself (and after all this work, I hope they accept my submission).

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        1. Fresh stories, although shorter variants have appeared on my blog. I tend to “experiment” with different variants of an idea just to wrap my brain around it.

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    1. I know! Anything could be down there. If you like speculations on deep sea creatures, check out the internal link on the end of this post, Deep Sea Adventurers… It could be as well, and would be even more astonishing 😉

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  2. Their excitement turned into fear quickly. There is so much of the ocean unexplored that we’re bound to find some creature that would shake our existence. I wonder if the others survived in the end…

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