Short Stories (Audio narration)

Look! Paladin said to his mother. A book with Grandpa’s handwriting!

Oh, my! Who would have known grandpa was a writer. And the name, “Tales of the Horror”. Haha! Your dark and sinister Grandpa…

They both laughed. Grandpa had been the funniest man alive, always cheerful and friendly. The only moment Paladin had seen him sad was the weeks after Grandma left him.

He sat down by the desk and started reading while his mother kept organising the old things in the attic…

You can read the full story here, or listen to the audio below. I also publish my audio reads with the written story on steemit.


  1. Still going at it I see (or read is a better term I guess). Loved this one. It was deliciously creepy indeed. Great work! 😊😊 (and I accidentally commented on the original post, my bad 😅)

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