Black demon

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Crimson Death's void

By Crimson Death (Andrea)

Some time ago, in a wealthy farm. A lonely 50-year-old man woke up from a horrible nightmare. He dreamed of a black demon, who were hitting him with a stick. Its laugh was horrible, it had a gold ring with a red shiny stone on one of his horrible black fingers. He woke up shaking and screaming. It was a recurring nightmare.

One day at 6 in the morning. The farmer woke up again after having the same nightmare. Feeling tired, he dragged his body to the kitchen in search for hot coffee. Suddenly, three knocks were heard at the front door, the ominous sound echoed throughout the house followed by the voice of an old woman calling the farmer by his name.

Holding his coffee millimeters from his lips, the farmer felt a chill run down his back, this surprised him a little. He put…

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