Day of the Ants 3/3

Ants watching a boat

Link to first part – Link to second part

Custer ran into the storage room in the back of the laboratory. Markinson just stood there, staring at the window. It was dissolving. The ants were coming in.

Custer came out with two white teflon suits. -Get this on! He threw one of them to Markinson.

The ants were moving down the door, onto the floor. Custer shook Markinson’s shoulder. -Get it on! Now!

They started pulling on the suits. The ants were making some kind of strange formation on the floor, spreading out. Custer opened a closet, got out a can.

-Step aside!

Markinson jumped aside, pulling up the zipper. Custer started spraying the ants. They were dying.

-Here, grab this! He threw another bottle to Markisnon. Carbamate, the bottle said. -Spray at will!

They moved towards the door. The hallway was infested with ants, there were ants everywhere, and more were entering. The dead bodies on the floor were dissolving and the ants were cutting off slices of flesh, carrying them into etched holes in the walls. They were spitting acid from all sides, from the walls, from the roof, making holes in anything it hit.

-Run! I don’t know how much of this acid these suits can take!

They reached the security room on the end of the hall, slammed the door shut behind them. Markinson killed the ants that had come in with them. His bottle was getting empty.

Custer looked out of the window. There were dead bodies on the ground, and ants everywhere, marching in lines like little soldiers.

-Were the fuck have they all come from…?

-It looks like a planned attack. They must have been hiding their number until now. And this acid… Markinson looked down at his suit. It had marks all over. It wouldn’t be able to take much more. -It’s just not natural

-Evolution… They’ve beaten us.

-We can’t stay here. The ants were attacking the class on the door they’d come from.

-Maybe if could get down to the bay. Hopefully they can’t swim. Custer took hold of the door handle. -One… Two… Now!

They ran out. The ants saw them, and reacted. They all started marching towards them. The ones close enough spitting acid. As they ran ants climbed up on their suits, biting, trying to etch it, to rip it open.

-My suit is dissolving! Markinson was spraying his suit, trying to get the ants off.

They bay was a sad sight. The ants had sunken all the boats attached to the dock. Even more dead bodies. They stepped over the ants, ran through the acid rain.


They dived into the water. Swam out, teared the etching suits off.

-Are you OK? Custer shouted to Markinson as they got out of reach of the spraying acid from the dock.

-I think so, but but my leg hurts. Look, there’s a boat!

They swam towards the little boat floating alone in the middle of the bay. They climbed up by the anchor rope, and got on board. They lay on the deck catching their breath.

-Well, now where do we go? Custer looked at the town in front of them. He could see smoke from several paces. No sign of human life.

-Maybe north… At least at winter they will disappear.

North sounds like a good… Custer stopped. They both looked in towards land. There was some kind of fog coming out on the docks. Out over the water, covering the bay.

Thousands of flying ants were coming straight at them.

John Paul Wohlscheid tipped  me on Google+ on this Radio story after reading the second part. If you liked this story, you’ll love it:


    1. Thanks a lot! As you said. Classic horror. I had to keep the style 😀 And talking about classic horror, the radio show in the link is awesome, based on a story from the late 1930’s.


  1. Ants. It’s that time of year. This time each year, at a previous residence, there would appear a line of ants between the front door, through an interior doorway, and onward to a corner of the kitchen. I would spray the line, and that would be the end of that… until the next year.

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