The Old Man Who Knew (audio narration)

There was a great carpet dwelling above the world. Inside it. Around it. It was conscious, yet not intelligent. Awake, but it did not think. One, a spectre of selves, everywhere and nowhere. No one knew how it worked, not even itself. It was pure observation. It knew, but did not calculate. It felt, but did not care. It was existence. Reality. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The old man sat by the window, looking out on the valley he’d lived in all his life. He knew everything about that valley. Every little rock, every old tree stump. He loved the valley. It was the best place on Earth for him.

He walked out on the porch. Watched the little lake. He knew the lake. He knew the kinds of fish swimming in it. He knew how to catch them. He knew which berries there was in the forest on the other side, which mushrooms he could eat and which he could not. He sat down on his old stool, as he had done so many times before.

He knew a lot….

Read the full story here, or listen to the video.

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    1. Thanks, George! I found it looking for just that, blockchain based social media. I don’t know much about how the technology works, but it’s the same as bitcoin is based on, which permits decentralized economies in a new way. You get paid something called Sol for using it, which can be exchanged for money. It’s not worth much, but neither was bitcoin when it started out. Some say the blockchain technology will change the internet completely, others say it will change the world (hopefully in a good way). My theory is it’s a good idea to form part from the beginning πŸ˜‰


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