Through the Night

creepy-forest-by-ralvar-2014Check out Neil Dinsmore’s flash fiction. Lots of good stuff.

The Book of Hangman

creepy-forest-by-ralvar-2014“Creepy Forest” by Ralvar (2014)

Have you ever known the feeling of being lost in the wilderness in the dead of night?  This short story is all about that heart-pumping feeling of terror and panic.  Originally written on the 5th July 2016.

Through the Night

Long past midnight we trekked the country paths, timidly traversing the moonlit lands bathed in the phantasmal glow of a haunting moon, watching silently aloft from its throne of mists. Our footsteps whispered, accompanied by the sinister screams of malignant breezes which contorted the echoes of our inner fears. Whispering and wailing in turns through gnarled bones, those warped femurs of blackened night sentinels. These stern guardians of the ghostlands, the lonely and mocking trees of the shire.

You and I, we’ve crossed this realm of spectral sights for many a mile, with many more to go, on our way to the distant…

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    1. It is. The blog has a lot of good stories, I already reblogged several. He hasn’t published there for quite a while, but if you look under the story and the comments, he’s promoting his book. Probably a good read.


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