Dark Energy

Dark Energy

Turn it further up, Tsjernolnikov said.

Are you sure, sir? Raskovksi sounded a bit sceptical. -Don’t you think it could be dangerous?

We’ve been running this plant for decades. Mankind have been using time-space energy for a century. There’s never been an accident. There’s not even any pollution, no waste at all. I’m telling you, all this security is a waste of time, and time is money, literally. The so called dark energy is as secure as it gets, I’m sure of it. There is no catch.

If you say so, sir. I’m with you!

Rustafa was changing the light bulbs in the ceiling. He had been the janitor on the power plant for a long time. The job was OK, and it paid quite well. It was the scientists he couldn’t stand. They were just so… Nerdy. Like now, babbling on about things he didn’t understand.

He looked down from his ladder. The little cylinder was glowing stronger. He hadn’t seen it glow that strong before. It didn’t seem like a good idea.

See? Tsjernolnikov was exited. I told you! There’s no ca…

The generator cylinder broke.

Extraordinary… Raskovski was looking at the screen. It still produces electricity.

Haha! Nothing happened! There’s no danger at all.

His voice was sounding strange. As if he had something in his throat.

Rustafa got a light bulb out of his pocket, and wanted to screw it in. It didn’t fit.

The walls started moving.

Sirs.. He said. -I.. I think the walls are moving.

Well, fix it, said the director. His voice was even stranger. -You’r the janitor.

Raskovski turned slowly around. -Sir, I think you should see this… They really are… Moving. Tsjernolsky lifted his head. It looked smaller than it had just a moment ago. And younger. Then it left his body.

Rustafa looked down at his hands. They were big. Huge. And they were changing form. The two scientist. Were no longer there. There was a monkey, though. And a fish.

Then they were gone, too.

Rustafa was floating over a jungle. Dinosaurs was running around, but they didn’t seem real. They kept changing form, dividing into several small ones, merging together again. Tsjernolnikov appeared beside him.

This wasn’t a good ideaaaaa… His head changed into Raskovski’s. Then everything started moving, the colours mixing, forms and shapes ceased to make sense. It seemed to last forever.

Everything stopped. There was nothing there but Rustafa and the two scientist. They were floating in a bubble in outer space. A galaxy could be seen far, far away.

No, it wasn’t Raskovski said. It wasn’t a good idea at all.

Rustafa said nothing. He hated scientists. He always had.



Death of a Universe


    1. Thanks a lot! I have a top post vidget, based on most likes. I think my readers have quite a good taste, though the darker stuff doesn’t get the credit I feel it deserves on that list. If you like it dark, the horror-category would be a good place for further reading. Thanks again, very happy to hear my work is appreciated.

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