A man walking by a garden. Aak fictionspawn

That summer Ron stayed home a lot. His so called friends wasn’t treating him well. He’d had enough, he just wanted to be alone.

He started going for walks at night, roaming around the streets, exploring the gardens of others when they were sleeping.

Sometimes he saw someone walk in a distance. At first he was hiding in the shadows, but night after night he started following them. Sneaking after them, finding out where they lived or where they were going.

One night he saw Gary come out of Andrew’s house. Gary. Sly and manipulative Gary. He hated him. He always had.

He went down there the next day as well. To spy on him. He liked watching him when he didn’t know he was. It made him feel in control. Powerful. All these years of bullying, and now Gary was the prey.

It became an obsession.

He hid in a garden on the other side of the road. Waited. Waited. He saw Gary come out of the drive way. He followed him.

He crossed the street, jumped over the fences. Gary turned around. He saw no one. Ron was already gone, running behind the houses. He knew were he was going.

On the shortcut over the wasteland he waited.

Ron! Oh, you scared me, you crazy fuck. What are you doing here?

Ron said nothing.

Gary looked at the kitchen knife he held in his hand.

Fuck, man, what’s wrong with you? I always knew you were a stupid fucker, but this is just…

Ron took a step towards him. Another. Gary took a step back.

Hey, man. You’re acting strange. Piss off or I’ll kick your…

The knife went through his clothes, into his chest..

Ah! What the…

He stabbed him again. Gary fell to his knees, looking up on him.

Please… Please don’t…

The boy Ron had feared all his childhood was on his knees before him. Weak. Pathetic. He watched him. Enjoyed the moment. The last stab went through his throat. Gary fell to the ground.

Ron hurried towards the road. He looked back. Gary was lying lifeless on the path. A thin sickle of a moon was coming up on the horizon.

The house on the hill. There was a light in one window. Someone was watching him, speaking on the phone.



  1. This is a scenario that seems to be happening a lot lately. Many bullied and misfit kids are finally striking back at their assailants, but unfortunately using deadly means.

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  2. I like the creepy tension and suspense in this. A story of pent up frustrations and opportunistic revenge, however still school yard bullies should be dealt with at the time. We know this, although sometimes personal revenge feels sweeter. A terrible subject but well written.

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  3. A story that shows how interchangeable the roles between victim and victimizer are. Unfortunately, it hits home for many people. Good job!

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      1. Well, violence is often a double-edged sword. If one wants to brandish it, they better be ready to face the consequences as well.

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  4. Hard read but well done. Though not all bully victims turn into killers. But bullying is a horrible social disease that still doesn’t get enough attention and reaction. You scared the Hell out of me, my friend :).

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    1. At least you should be very careful who you bully… 😀 There was a stabbing incident at a high school close to were I grew up, with a similar motive. The victim (or the aggressor, depends of how you see it) survived, but the stabber did get in quite a bit of trouble.


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